reuniting, coolly.

See/read the full story here.

So… Jean Bosco was a shy boy. He also was very calm. He showed up, shook hands, stuck around for awhile, filled his Jerry can and… took off.

Producing this reminded me what I liked best about the whole moment: his teenage coolness, his reservation to smile. I don’t think this comes across in the video, but he’s trying really hard not to show any emotion. I think it partly has to do with being a 17-year-old boy… when Esther met him only two years before, he was boyishly shy, but he at least grinned for the camera a few times. It partly has to do with what’s revered in that culture… when you’re a male, you’re either a child or a man (and once you’ve decided on the latter, you can’t let yourself ever resort to the former). So here’s Jean Bosco, keeping one hand in his pocket, standing with his weight to one side… he’s still bashful, yes, but also determined to be a cool guy.



  1. Ted!

    iPhone/iPad friendly video! It is a video I’m not seeing right? Vimeo is your friend!

    Love you!

  2. Ted!

    Found the video on the link.. This is amazing mo! You’re doing such inspiring work, I can’t believe it!

  3. moscarpelli

    AGH! Ted! I was going to use the iPad embed code we use on the charity: water blog… but I was like, “Eh, no one I know uses the iPad…” But wait! Ted has an iPhone! (And Anna… and I’m sure more people…) Stupid me. Thanks for reminding me — I’m fixing now!

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